Traveling the Globe.

Meet Susan Taylor

Growing up as an Air-force brat, Susan Taylor has always been on the move!  Living in Scotland, New York, Germany, and Texas  before her dad's retirement, Susan knew early on that travel would always play a major role in her life.   Newburgh, where the family settled in the mid 70's, was just a small town, yet Susan had her sights set on the excitement of the big city.  And so after graduation, she took off on a 12 year adventure which led her around the world.


Travel fever  

Want to see her eyes light up, then just ask her about some of her adventures abroad!    She'll tell you about the velvet green rice paddies of Nepal and of the friendliness of strangers there when her car rolled off the edge of the cliff to the Valley below. And ask about the brilliant turquoise water in Belize and of the best snorkling ever and she will make you feel as if you, too, were there.  As for her favorite vacations, ask about her annual family reunion cruise and her reply will be "What a great way to spend fun time with the people you love!"

Around the world

"If you want to get the most out of life you've got to live it. I always have a trip or two in the planning stages.  People put things off until retirement or the future, but for me the future arrives everyday." "Wherever I have traveled, I have made the most of it," Susan says enthusiastically.  "Each destination has added a richness to my life."


Make the connection

Considering a home sale or purchase, call Susan Taylor today. With over 33 years experience in all phases of real estate, especially multi family and investment properties, Susan has the knowledge to lead you to your next destination. When you need someone to guide you through one of life's most important decisions, count on her experience to make a difference. Susan Taylor- planning a course for Your Success.